The Vampire Slayer ®


Our fiendishly fiery original relish was first inspired by our regular trips and eventual relocation to Whitby in North Yorkshire. 


We are privileged to live in Whitby and to be influenced by it's myths and legends, the glorious Whitby Abbey, and gothic romantic atmosphere of the old town and harbour.


The Vampire Slayer range is produced to a secret recipe developed by us a few years ago after a happy accident involving a fruit tree, and garlic, onions and chillies growing in our garden at home.


Vampire Slayer is our best seller and one we are really proud of, so much so that we took the opportunity to register and own the trademark for the name Vampire Slayer. Recent additions to the range include Vampire's Vengeance, Vampire's Fury, Vampire's Stake BBQ Sauce and Lucy's Kiss Sweet Chilli Jam!



Inspired by regular trips to the evocative, mythical and beautiful Whitby, we embarked on making a fiendishly fiery original relish which we thought would fit in with the surroundings and the visitors that come to inhabit and experience this magical place throughout the year.


The Original and mildest of the Vampire Slayer range, it has the merest hint of heat to tickle and delight the tastebuds!




The Vampire's VENGEANCE, our tastebud tickling spicy addition to the Vampire Slayer range. Made slightly hotter  the The Original, The Vengeance has no loss of flavours due to the heat developing on the palate.


Made in the same small batch handcrafted way as The Original, we have notched up the chilli, garlic and ginger to give it that fiery after-taste some of our customers have requested!


The new Vampire's FURY, our tastebud tickling, not your usual run of the mill instant 'cartoon chilli' heat that are so easy to produce, The FURY has layers of flavours and experiences one would expect from a carefully crafted luxury relish.


Based on Vampire Slayer, with added Carolina Reaper and Cayenne Chili's, and Smoked Paprika for those amongst us that prefer the spicier side, FURY works on its own or as an additional complimentary ingredient in sauces, gravy's and curries for example.


The newest addition to Vampire Slayer Range, Lucy's Kiss is our seductively sultry and sweet Red Chilli and Pepper Relish.  


Sticky, with just that hint of heat, it is rather gorgeous with fish or prawn dishes for example, or you can use it in stir fries or as a baste for meat joints, or even pop a tablespoon or two into your gravy.




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