A lovely rich and fruity damson jam combined with Masons Yorkshire Gin, and just lovely dropped into a champagne flute and topped with your favourite bubbles, stir gently and enjoy an exquisite take on a classic American jam jar cocktail - The Damson Gin Fizz!


Our customers have also used this as a cake filling, in steam puddings, on ice cream, and by adding to sauces giving an additional depth of flavour.  It is also rather nice mixed in with porridge...and even on toast!


Product Information:

340g/12oz   £4.00

Ingredients: Sugar, Damsons (may contain some fruit stones), Masons Yorkshire Gin (4%), Lemon Juice, Apple Pectin (Gelling Agent)

Prepared with 45g of fruit per 100g, total sugar content 68g per 100g

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