Blackberry Jam with Masons Yorkshire Gin and Lemon Juice

The alternative cocktail to the Cosmopolitan most famously sipped by Carrie and the girls of 'Sex In The City' TV series and film franchise.  A modern drink in itself, although slight variations have been noted since the 1934 publication of 'Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars 1903-1933'.


Shelly received a bottle of this fabulous Masons Yorkshire Gin for her birthday, and was promptly challenged to come up with a hollywood cocktail preserve. 


The Bramble was the successful result of the challenge, and is handmade in small batches with Masons Yorkshire Gin added gently after cooking to preserve it's subtle botanics and flavours.


Shelly is also quite partial to this on toast, and also uses it in cakes and steamed puddings, although she prefers it in a glass topped up with her favourite bubbles!


Product Information:

340g/12oz   £4.00

Ingredients: Sugar, Blackberries, Masons Yorkshire Gin (4%), Lemon Juice, Apple Pectin (Gelling Agent)

Prepared with 38g of fruit per 100g, total sugar content 68g per 100g

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